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Extreme Frontiers was Big Earth's third collaboration with Charley Boorman. Spanning three series, the show followed Charley and our very own director/producer Russ Malkin, as they got to grips with Canada, South Africa and the USA respectively, whilst undertaking hair-raising challenges with their signature humour.


Produced By

Directed By


Channel 5

Russ Malkin

Russ Malkin

2011 / 2012 / 2013


In the first series of Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers, Charley and producer/director Russ embark on a 10,300-mile journey across Canada, the world’s second-largest country.

Travelling mainly on motorbikes, the pair visit all of the ten Canadian Provinces, two frontiers, three oceans and four extreme frontiers from East to West. Each episode sees them attempt a series of dangerous, frightening, inspiring and hilarious tasks from canoeing to rodeo, heli-mountain biking to ice hockey, with Charley braving the impressive 8,000m peak Mount Fable in Alberta and overcoming his claustrophobia whilst wreck diving in Lake Huron. Every challenge reveals the breathtaking wilderness of Canada, its people and its diverse culture.


In the second series of Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers, Charley teams up once again with producer/director Russ Malkin to attempt a 6,000 mile circular around South Africa.

Starting and finishing in Cape Town, the pair travel on motorbikes around this wild and varied African country, experiencing the deeply rooted cultures, meeting extraordinary people and discovering the remarkable wildlife. Each episode sees Charley attempt hair-raising challenges; abseiling off Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain, cage-diving with deadly Great White Sharks, detonating dynamite deep underground in a Barberton Gold Mine and tracking lions on foot in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.


This incredible, entertaining and informative journey reveals the beauty and diversity of South Africa’s landscapes and people.


Following the success of his previous two expeditions across Canada and South Africa, in this final season, Charley is back on his bike and this time he is taking on one of the most spectacular countries in the world – The United States of America.

Travelling alongside fellow adventurer Russ Malkin, this series follows the pair from the volcanic infernos of Hawaii to the icy peaks of Alaska, and then from the east to the west as they venture off the beaten track to go in search of extreme adventures in the wilderness. This is a journey that tests Charley to the max as he is confronted with some of the most spine-tingling challenges he has ever faced. The high risks and low margins for error bring out Charley’s humour and the camaraderie he has with those who often hold his life in their hands.


Prepare for a rollicking roller coaster of a ride as Charley Boorman experiences wild and extreme America!

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